About Us

About Us

Meet the team behind FarmaTrust

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of FarmaTrust is to save lives by eliminating counterfeit drugs from the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Our Solution builds trust between supply chain stakeholders and unlocks valuable data by harnessing the growing efficiency of machine learning, blockchain technology, and intelligent workflow processing. Our future-proof, hardware and software neutral approach ensures our ability to create value, improve efficiency, and secure the drug supply chain for the foreseeable and unforeseeable futures.

Meet the Team

Lord Anthony St John of Bletso


Raja Sharif


Peter Bryant


Shahnawaz Aziz


Steve Mcavoy

Head of Implementation

Eszter Bohus

Head of Global Brands and Markcomms

Jeffrey Middelbos

Community Manager

Mike Barbarelli

Senior Software Developer and Product Developer

Ms. Hu

Product Manager

Jessica Johnson

UI/UX Designer

Ana Marapidou

Operations Manager

Elena Derymova

Blockchain Developer

Dmitry Chaban

Full Stack Developer

Aidan Werder



Anders Larsson

Advisory Board Member

Joakim Holmer

Advisory Board Member

Najib Rehman

Advisory Board Member

David Allen Cohen

Chief Technology Adviser

Stephen Cole

Advisory Board Member

Chris Saynor

Advisory Board Member

Professor Timothy Mackey

Advisory Board Member

Peter MacLean

Advisory Board Member


We are looking for talented developers, marketing (particularly social media marketing) and business development personnel. We also offer internships and graduate opportunities.

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