Ensuring transparency and efficiency


The nature of modern pharmaceutical and healthcare services means that the production of medicines and devices or equipment is spread across the globe. This creates an issue in respect of quality assurance and regulatory compliance.


With differing facilities, and in many cases, different labs producing the same products but in different countries there is a real risk that quality can be compromised. If different Labs use different processes, or for commercial reasons take short cuts, there is a real issue of substandard products which increases legal risks and likelihood of brand damage.


FarmaTrust digital solutions create an efficient and transparent chain of identity, custody, condition and diagnostic, address the compliance burden, reduce cost while enabling co-operation in a competitive landscape.



Our solution is able to track chain of identity, custody, condition and diagnostic for various treatments and therapies. It ensures transparency for regulators, enables efficiency by reducing HIPAA compliance requirements for needle to needle tracking, reduces/eliminates paper and any records are more secure due to the digital cryptography of blockchain. The aim is to eliminate mistakes, remove logistic failures (temperature, time and tilt excursions) and enable the best patient outcome possible.



Our digital system can standardize workflows, it can use conditional processes, automated notifications and digital rescheduling. It comply with Quality Assurance Departments’ requirements and regulators thereby reducing costs, and having a faster route to market.



FarmaTrust solutions mean Labs anywhere in the world can produce treatments and therapies, using the exact same processes as well as providing the same quality, no matter where they were produced.  

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