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[Announcement] FarmaTrust schedules an Airdrop
23 July 2018

FarmaTrust is approaching another milestone in its development. At the end of July the ICO process will formally conclude.

We are very happy to have all of our contributors with us on the journey and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with them as we develop and grow our business.

As we have previously explained on Telegram and Medium, the completion of the ICO process has taken longer than we had anticipated and we want to acknowledge this and also reward those members of our contributing community who remain engaged in the project.

As a recognition for the duration of the ICO process we are going to make an airdrop to FTT token holders in accordance with the structure below. This airdrop will be 10% of the tokens held.

  1. On the 15th August 2018 we will take a snapshot of the FTT token holders and the amount of tokens they are holding (snapshot 1).
  2. Two Random snapshots will occur to verify the holding. (snapshot 2 & 3 )
  3. On the 15th March 2019 we will take a snapshot of the FTT token holders and the amount of the tokens they are holding (snapshot 4).
  4. Where there is continuity in the holding of the token between snapshot 1 through 4 an amount equivalent to 10% of the token holding at the point of snapshot 4 will be airdropped to the token holder.
  5. The airdrop tokens will be distributed by the 15th April 2019.