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[ANNOUNCEMENT] FTT Token Distribution Event (TDE) Information
13 February 2018

TDE currently on pause due to market conditions. We will make a follow-up announcement within the next month. Please check here for the full announcement. For the new tokenomics model, please see the new whitepaper.

More than 6,000 have joined the Farma Family! Thank you for joining our mission to improve healthcare and save lives. If you haven’t registered yet, please join NOW before it closes on 14 February 2018.

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Two important changes regarding whitelist and TDE

1. As we will need to import all email addresses from the whitelist into our system to get our system set up for the TDE, whitelist will be closing early. The new closing time and date for the whitelist is 14 February 2018 20:00 pm UTC.

If you haven’t registered yet, please join NOW before it closes on 14 February 2018.

2. Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to provide whitelist reserve service as previously stated. It would cause further delays before we are certain it will not create a hole in our security. As such, we are adjusting our offer for our whitelisters: the first 72 hours from the start of Pre-TDE will be for whitelisters only. This will provide the same benefit as explicit reserve mechanism. In other words, only whitelisters are allowed to buy tokens from 15 February 2018 12:00 pm (noon) UTC to 18 February 2018 11:59 am UTC.

Instructions for the TDE process

When the TDE is open for sale, please visit our website where you will see a “Purchase FTT” button. You will be taken to our token container page hosted by our third-party partner.

Once inside, please create an account — for whitelisters, please use the same email address as you’ve used for the whitelist. You can then fill in your order, choose the preferred currency, and a personal wallet will be set up for you. Once the wallet is set up, you will have several hours to complete the order.

After the order has been finalised, you will receive the option to complete the KYC procedure. Once that has been cleared, you will be able to add an ERC20 compliant wallet address and claim the tokens you have just purchased. If, however, the KYC has not been cleared, your funds will be refunded to you within 2 weeks.

An image of how your dashboard will look like on the token container.

As we accept payment with several cryptocurrencies, we do not expect the gas war to be a problem. Furthermore, after payment, you will be placed in a “queue” within the token container before KYC is cleared, so please do not pay extra gas! It will not speed up KYC process!

We are currently working on getting credit cards and wire transfer payment setup. However, as banks are reluctant to work with TDEs, this may take longer than we have hoped for. Once these functions are available, we will add these options onto the TDE container and make a separate announcement.

NOTE: Residents of the USA and Singapore will NOT be allowed to participate in our Token Distribution Event.

Important things to remember:

  • Price for FarmaTrust main TDE is 0.00010870 ETH per token, with a total of 533,333,333 tokens available
  • We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Zcash as well as other fiat and wire transfer as payment
  • There is a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH
  • Your tokens will be distributed to you through our smart contract throughout and/or after the main sale
  • Please double check that you are on the real FarmaTrust website (, as we may be targeted by fraudsters with typo domains!
  • KYC will be done during the actual transaction process itself. Once you’ve made the payment, the system will ask you to do your KYC. And you can claim your tokens on the same page as soon as the KYC has been cleared
  • Please make payment via a wallet in which you have control over your private keys. Exchanges tend to have massive delays in transfers meaning your payment will likely be delayed if you use an exchange to pay. FarmaTrust tokens may sell out before your payment completes (and we don’t want that to happen)!
  • We’ve had reports of scams on Telegram lately. Please always remember that we NEVER ask you for any kind of money and will never give out our wallet addresses on our Telegram! Everything is handled via our website. Nor do our Admins send you private messages asking for money in any way — we will only communicate via our “FarmaTrust Community” channel

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us directly on our Telegram channel: Please remember that we never give out our wallet addresses nor ask you for any kind of money on our Telegram! Everything is handled via our website. If you have any doubts, please email or PM @whoeier.

Be part of the change now! Thank you for your support and let us make this world a better place! #HackTheFake

With Love,

The FarmaTrust Team