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Can FarmaTrust implement Brexit’s new rules imposed to the pharmaceutical supply chain?
14 December 2017

The U.K. government should fully utilize the Blockchain technology and its enables to realize Brexit. The intrinsic distributed and decentralized nature of Blockchain aligns fully with the sector divergence required of Brexit.

FarmaTrust platform Zoi is a perfect use case model for it. Zoi’s microservice architecture provides for dynamic Supply Chain Exchange (figure below) not just for the pharmaceuticals industry but also can be extended towards solving the challenges faced by the infrastructure of NHS and UK health sector. FarmaTrust provides an end-to-end, cost-effective solution. It has capabilities that:

1) prevents data breach between patient and doctor

2) allows for secure exchange among various medical systems internally

3) allows for secured data exchange for intra-medical systems and

4) eventually for cross-border shared process via FarmaTrust blockchain solution

We have a working MVP to provide it so visit us at our website or use #AskFarma twitter hashtag to engage with us and take the journey with us with first, a small step towards the success we want to share with you.