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[PRESS RELEASE] Collinstar Capital invests in FarmaTrust
31 July 2018

[PRESS RELEASE] Collinstar Capital of Melbourne, Australia, invests in London based blockchain company, FarmaTrust, to remove fake pharmaceuticals from the supply chain

FarmaTrust is excited to announce that Collinstar Capital, a highly regarded, Melbourne (AUS) based, asset management institution focussed on blockchain technology and digital assets has joined as a contributor to its project.

“Both Collinstar and FarmaTrust are really excited to be working together. FarmaTrust is passionate about its mission to rid the world of fake medicines. Collinstar Capital is passionate about business adoption of blockchain and in its position as a leader in the field of FinTech was able to recognises the huge potential of the FarmaTrust project”. Said Raja Sharif, CEO of FarmaTrust.

Sharif went on to say “Collinstar Capital involvement with FarmaTrust will help ensure that our project, which uses blockchain to ensure immutability of records, cross border data sharing and cross border process sharing, will enable the pharmaceutical industry and its supply chain partners to drive out fake medicines. This is an ambitious project but with an incredibly worthy goal”.

About Collinstar Capital

CollinStar Capital operates as the interface for investors and FinTech innovators to collaborate and interact.

Collinstar Capital is a premier asset manager that has established one of the largest Blockchain asset funds in the Asia-Pacific region, while its specialised investment banking advisory solutions provide entrepreneurs with deep insights into the Blockchain revolution and ICO development process.

About FarmaTrust

FarmaTrust is the most efficient global pharmaceutical tracking system, ensuring that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain and providing security to pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the public. FarmaTrust’s blockchain based system utilises Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and big data analysis to deliver value added services, efficiency, and a transparent supply chain. The FarmaTrust system is safe, secure, encrypted, immutable and future proof. FarmaTrust is based in London, United Kingdom.

What is Blockchain?

A digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. This open, distributed ledger records transactions between two parties efficiently an, in a verifiable and permanent way, facilitating the creation of new and “trusted” networks.