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The FarmaTrust team and how I built it.
31 July 2018

I am extremely proud of the team that we have been able to assemble to convert the vision I held for FarmaTrust to reality and the best manifestation of this is the solution we have developed and the wraparound services we have created to allow clients to take advantage of the technology to help drive fake pharmaceutical out of the supply chain — globally.

It was always an ambitious project and with an undertaking of this scale, I needed to surround myself with some of the very best people to help realise the vision.

I have managed pull together this grouping and they, in turn, have built out their teams to deliver the proposition.

I don’t want single out any individual specifically but I have included the headline details of the senior management team at FarmaTrust below:

Firstly it is worth saying a few words about me — Raja Sharif — Chief Executive Officer. I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FarmaTrust. My key role is to drive the company’s vision and mission of protecting the vulnerable by eliminating deadly counterfeit medications on a global scale. Previously I have managed a number of technology and media projects worldwide for some of the best-known brands, including British Telecom and Al Jazeera. Earlier in my career, I qualified as a Barrister, and more recently I have worked as General Counsel and company secretary managing legal affairs, risk, and good corporate governance.

I met and worked with Lord Anthony St. John of Bletso — Chairman when I was legal counsel at Globix. We worked well together and Anthony was one of the first people on my list who I wanted involved when I started FarmaTrust.

Lord Anthony St John of Bletso is a Crossbench/Independent Member of the House of Lords, he was brought up in South Africa, where he qualified as a solicitor. After completing his Masters in Law at London University, he worked as legal counsel for Shell and then an oil analyst/specialist sales for several institutions in the City, including Merrill Lynch, focusing on Sub-Saharan African and the Far East. He is currently Chairman of Strand Hanson and Integrated Diagnostic Holdings plc and serves on the board of several public and private companies and has recently become a member of the House of Lords Ad Hoc Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence. His specialist interests are cybersecurity, financial services, and life sciences. Since 1998 he has served as Extra Lord in Waiting to HM The Queen and is a Trustee of 6 charities, mostly focused on education and wildlife conservation.

Early on in my career, my first role as Legal Counsel was for a company called Guardian iT. This business was a fascinating and enjoyable place to work and the first person I met on my first day at Guardian iT was Peter Bryant — Chief Operating Officer. We worked together extensively as Peter held roles in managing sales and renewals with the larger clients of the business. Peter then moved into a role where he was responsible for acquisitions and key partnerships. This was a busy time and Guardian iT made seven acquisitions and several strategic new relationships. Shortly after I joined the business embarked on a path to flotation. My legal role was key in both of these phases.

As Chief Operating Officer of FarmaTrust, Peter is planning, coordinating and managing the company’s strategic business operations towards achieving the vision and mission of protecting the vulnerable by eliminating deadly counterfeit medications on a global scale. Before joining the board of FarmaTrust, Peter has successfully created and grown businesses, realised value through trade sales and been involved in a Management Buy In (MBI) of Guardian IT which later resulted in a full market flotation on the London Stock Exchange. He is familiar with the obligations of operating a company, directors duties and holds a number of Chairman and Non-executive directorships of technology companies.

IT is funny how serendipity plays an important part in many of our daily lives. I was introduced to Shahnawiz Aviz — Chief Technology Officer by a mutual acquaintance and it was only after a few meetings that our conversation turned towards our work lives.

It didn’t take long at all for us both to realise that there we many good reasons for us to work together in the near future. Shah’s extensive knowledge of technical architecture, supply chain and implementation of enterprise scale systems has been invaluable for FarmaTrust.

Shahnawaz is a senior technologist with over 21 years of IT experience in managing, architecting, designing and developing software applications across Financial Services, Investment Banking, Shipping & Logistics and Government projects. He has been involved in blockchain for a number of years. Shahnawaz has a visionary ability to solve complex solutions using Blockchain, Social, Cloud, Mobile, AI, and Big Data. Recently he successfully launched HD bitcoin wallet and blockchain platform, showcased via He also delivered global bitcoin trading platform earlier this year. He also has a number of patents including patent rights assigned: ``Secure Multiparty loss resistant Storage and Transfer of Cryptographic Keys for blockchain.

As I said previously I don’t wish to single out any individual because, by omission, I would be doing a disservice to the other members of the FarmaTrust team, who play equally important parts in the business.

In order to retain the necessary balance, I intend to extend this profile to further members of the team over time.

With best wishes for now

Raja Sharif

Chief Executive Officer