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Blockchain AI Solutions Ltd (trading as FarmaTrust) 81 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1DD, UK is registered in England and Wales with company number 10774263

Business Updates

New partnerships and clients over the past few months have added more projects to our spectrum...

Dashboard for Wholesale Distributor

We recently completed a blockchain and dashboard solution for a large wholesale distributor: The solution was designed to overcome a lack of end to end supply chain visibility, highlight stock information anomalies, process inefficiencies and replace manual data input. Our solution presents a generic workflow, follows GS1 and EPCIS principles, product tracking and tracing with full audit trail. It also demonstrates location monitoring and reporting of in-transit locations. This resulted in dashboards with up to date and accurate data, audit readiness with full historical data, elimination of data tampering and offers a trustworthy environment for information sharing with trade partners.

Partnership with IBM

FarmaTrust has entered into a partnership agreement with IBM.  The partnership between IBM and FarmaTrust provides FarmaTrust with:

  • Access to Hyperledger based Blockchain platform on the IBM Cloud. Totally secure, created for B2B, highly scalable and already powering global supply networks.

  • Access to IBM IoT platform to connect to the sensors and actuators in the system and aggregate the data for use by the analytics platform and blockchain platform.

  • A go-to-market capability with and through the IBM sales function and its broad ecosystem of channel partners, to help you scale at speed.

  • Access to IBM clients that would otherwise take time to break into, again helping FarmaTrust scale at speed

  • Access to financing to help FarmaTrust manage cash flow as FarmaTrust scales.

  • Protection for FarmaTrust products and IP. The IP belongs to FarmaTrust.

  • IBM benefits from the consumption of the blockchain platform and from the revenues secured as a result of professional service engagements that sit on the periphery of a FarmaTrust deployment.

Retail Blockchain Consortium

In January of 2019 Oracle and University College London (UCL) created the Retail Blockchain Consortium (RBC). Within RBC there are 4 industry threads: Fashion, Retail, Healthcare and ‘Other’. FarmaTrust was invited to be the industry lead for the Healthcare industry.