Tech News

We've been busy working on lots of projects recently, here's our updates from the tech team...

ATMP Solution

For our ATMP solution, now that we have built the core blockchain backbone we are more focussed on the further development of user interfaces and dashboards and integration with Cold Chain Logistics.

Infrastructure Update

Infrastructure update: AWS, key management and security. We are enhancing our security layer further by investigating AWS key management solution to integrate with FarmaTrust platform.  In the event that the AWS solution is appropriate for our needs, our philosophy is why reinvent the wheel and waste resources in time and people to extend our existing component. The intention is to allow our clients to import their own private keys and manage their own nodes with our admin tool.


We are working with IBM to interface our solution with the Watson Healthcare to leverage its capabilities such as NLP, Clinical Decision Support System, Clinical Trials and Genomics molecular profiling.

FDA Pilot

We are making steady progress with our consortium to support the FDA Pilot Phase II. In our second Advisory meeting, we have discussed the architecture and the operating model to meet the FDA’s interoperability requirements. The solution will consider three key architectural building blocks: Network Operator, Application Provider and Data Pool.


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