Global transparency and accountability


Non-Governmental Organisations globally try and benefit society by providing essential drugs, and medical equipment in countries which may not otherwise have the ability to provide it to their citizens. In many cases, NGOs use donated supplies and funds to be able to fulfil their roles.


Lack of transparency and visibility in some countries means that pharmaceutical products are unaccounted for or missing. Inadequate stock visibility, and redistribution of products is a major challenge leading to waste, and in many cases death.


Lack of cost-effective technical infrastructure is also a significant problem making it almost impossible to provide products and equipment to the right people at the right time.


FarmaTrust takes a mobile first strategy and ensures that its services can operate internationally. In countries where there is an issue with technical infrastructure, FarmaTrust has developed proprietary smart device apps that can cost effectively track products anywhere in the world.


Our solutions mean that NGOs have a full and holistic picture of their inventory, and can ensure that they are delivered where they are most needed. Since FarmaTrust utilises the cellular mobile networks or satellite technology, we can track products anywhere in the world. This eliminates waste, corruption, and increases accountability throughout the supply chain.


Our data analytics services can provide advanced planning and forecasting services to NGOs giving donors entities, charities and ultimately patients the full benefit of pharmaceutical products.

how does it work?

Check out our short clip on how our solution works for NGOs.

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