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Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face a multitude of issues. As well as being one of the most regulated industries, the prevalence of counterfeits means loss of revenues and brand damage are a real problem. There are increasing threats to revenues and profits from greater compliance requirements, pricing pressures and disruption from new technologies.


The variety of technology systems used in the industry, and within companies themselves, means corporations can not fully benefit from efficiencies by having a holistic view of their market, their products and advanced data analytics or AI.


The prevalence of paper based systems, the variety of compliance requirements from tax, customs, pharmaceutical and consumer protection regulations, is a significant burden on companies. The incidence of data error and data loss is unacceptably high, leading to further costs. Many pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can benefit from technological innovation to stay competitive, increase profits and maintain consumer loyalty.


FarmaTrust blockchain and AI solutions solve many of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our blockchain based systems means data is immutable and incorruptible so data integrity is assured. Our AI services mean that the pharmaceutical sector can benefit from the best of cutting edge technology.


FarmaTrust blockchain solutions digitise our client's operations and future proof their systems. We are able to automate many processes, from stage gate treatment production, tax/regulatory compliance as well as payments and audit reports. Returns fraud can be eliminated. Product recalls can be done within hours rather than weeks or months.


Our bespoke data dashboards can provide management personnel with the appropriate and relevant information in real time. Clients can view product information, inventory distribution, waste, revenue targets and forecast data. Our AI services can assist our clients make fact based, data driven decisions, in real time. Faster and better decisions improve our client’s performance, finances and brand image.

how does it work?

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