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11/06/19 - The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference

CEO of FarmaTrust, Raja Sharif, is taking part in a workshop to help you understand what Blockchain is, and all the benefits it can offer.


We've all heard of blockchain and the impact it may have on health systems in the future. But how many of us could easily explain what blockchain is really about?

This hands-on workshop is for the 99,99% of us who still don't understand, after many explanations, what the buzz is all about. The idea of this workshop is simple: If you get a chance to play with the pieces of the blockchain puzzle, you will never forget what the underlying technology is about. Highlighting recent blockchain initiatives in healthcare and using a learning by doing approach, our experts will give you a nuts and bolts understanding of blockchain, present what the technology has achieved to date for the healthcare industry and discuss the still unanswered question: "hype or game-changer?".

Where: Helsinki

When: 11th June 13:30 - 16:30 (Room 207)

HIMSS and Health 2.0 Come to Finland

Following an undeniably successful collocated event in May 2018, HIMSS and Health 2.0 continue to strengthen their ties and have chosen one of the most innovative countries worldwide to host the 2019 conference.

The collocation of HIMSS and Health 2.0 means we are truly able to bring together the entire healthcare ecosystem: from hospital C-level decision makers to clinicians, nurses, payers, life science, innovators, and so much more; all under the same roof, all at the same time.


In the last few years, digital health conferences have rapidly multiplied in Europe, claiming to engage the ecosystem to disrupt health and care, but let’s face it: there’s been a lot of talk but not much action.

At the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference 2019 is the opportunity to bring together two worlds that need to work hand in hand to accelerate the development of digital health in Europe: HIMSS’ reach with key implementation stakeholders such as health authorities, hospital C-Suite is unrivalled. Health 2.0 Europe gathers an ecosystem that brings about a grass root movement of health entrepreneurs and startups. Gathered under one roof, the two audiences will have greater opportunities to interact, learn from each other and remove the roadblocks to large-scale adoptions.

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