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12/11/18 - 13/11/18: Pharma Integrates 2018, Shaping Pharma's Future

When: 12th & 13th November 2018

Where: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel London

Categories: Lectures & Conferences

Event website:

About this Event:

Pharma Integrates is a unique event bringing together key industry leaders across the Pharmaceutical pipeline to share insights and create debate on crucial topics that influence the future of patient outcomes.

Building on a successful 2017, with a presence of more than 90 prestigious speakers and 350 senior industry executives, the event is moving to a larger venue in Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London, UK.

The 2018 event will include key speaker slots, panel discussions and networking sessions to encourage debate and establish connections between representatives from the entire pharma community, including biotechs, SMEs, small to large pharma companies, CROs, CDMOs, consultants, patient groups and academics.

Topics already tabled for discussion range from changing pharma’s focus from treatment to prevention, the impact of medtech wearables, developments in cell and gene therapy and surgically removing the industry’s “anticollaboration gene.”

Data, Patient Centricity and Digitalisation (Panel Discussion)

13.11.2018, 9:00 - 10:00

Getting the balance right for patients in an era of digital supportWith stricter data protection legislation now in effect and the public’s privacy concerns greater than ever, the healthcare sector must ask itself whether there should there be a limit on data collection, how digital technology can play a greater role and whether can we ensure that patient identities are protected.

Facilitated by:

Richard EvansFounding Director, NexGen Healthcare Communications

Panellists include:

Thomas Kelley Clinical Advisor, Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), NHS Wales

Hassan Chaudhury Chief Commercial Officer, Health iQ

Najib RehmanData Strategy Lead, FarmaTrust

Gerald Law Chief Executive at Innovation DB

Jenny James EMEA Leader, Innovit

Serialisation: What’s the Strategy Beyond Compliance? (Panel Discussion)

We’re on the home straight, but are we ready and, if so, for how long?

Regulations are finally being met, but is that the end of the serialisation story? The panel will explore the potential endpoints of track-and-trace technology and what serialisation can offer the industry beyond data collection.

Facilitated by:

Scott Lawson Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Panellists include:

Mark Davison Senior Operations Director – Europe, rfXcel

Jerome Bertin General Manager, SecurMed

Peter BryantChief Operating Officer, FarmaTrust

Ettore Cucchetti Chief Executive Officer, ACG Inspection Systems

Angus Freeman Head of Packaging Lifecycle Management, GlaxoSmithKline

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