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30/04/19 - [Webinar] Understanding the FDA's New Pilot Program: The Future of the Drug Supply Chain

Our COO, Peter Bryant, is a guest panelist on this exciting webinar next week. Make sure to register using this link.

Register here:

Earlier this year, the FDA called on the life sciences and healthcare industry to design and deliver pilot projects for an electronic, interoperable system that can identify and trace prescription drugs as they are distributed across the United States in support of the DSCSA. Several industry innovators including Systech, RxTransparent, T-Systems, FarmaTrust, CryptoWerk and CalQLogic responded to the FDA’s proposal.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the future of US drug supply chain management, including:

- The challenges that need to be overcome

- How technology like digital e-Fingerprinting®, IOT Cold Chain data and Blockchain can be leveraged

- The benefits of a collaborative approach to ongoing supply chain issues

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