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Wholesalers and Distributors struggle with similar problems that nearly all stakeholders in the global pharmaceutical supply chain face. Lack of product visibility, heavy compliance requirements, and diverse technology systems. For distribution, one of the most important business processes is forecasting, which becomes incredibly difficult when there is little visibility.


Competition from lower cost operators, pressure to meet KPIs/service levels and complex distribution operations are major concerns for wholesalers and distributors. Fake medicines and diversions is a significant danger at this stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Wholesalers and distributors require digital track and trace capabilities, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to guard against loss of margins and protect their financial performance. Protecting data, pricing information and other commercial information is paramount. Ensuring cost effective IT solutions are an important consideration.


Using Farmatrust, Wholesalers and Distributors will be able to lower costs by enhancing the visibility, compliance and forecasting throughout the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.


FarmaTrust products give supply chain managers greatly  improved picture of the entire supply chain in more detail than previously possible. Our blockchain solutions  interoperability features will also help to overcome data silos and incompatibilities between legacy systems that affect the industry.


Our advanced cryptography systems ensure that data is completely secure, and our clients can control which data is seen by whom. FarmaTrust has the capability to add various layers of visibility on confidential data therefore safeguarding commercially sensitive information. .


The Artificial Intelligence modules can assist our clients have accurate stock inventory capabilities, more efficient use of plant and improved forecasting abilities. Our AI systems can be used for schedule management, most efficient routes to market and better drug distribution.


Famatrust blockchain solutions will allow clients to respond to events faster,  create better, more accurate demand and inventory requirements. FarmaTrust services allow clients to be fully compliant with the product-level track and trace requirements outlined in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

how does it work?

Check out our short clip on how our solution works for Wholesalers & Distributors.

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