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All you need to know

Q: Why blockchain over cloud based system?

A: Although there are many capabilities within  Cloud systems, the unique proposition of blockchain is that any records are immutable and incorruptible. Ultimately current Cloud technology always allows the possibility of records being altered and there is the risk of data corruption. Blockchain technology prevents this. Many also believe that blockchain technology, which is built from the ground up on cryptography and with its various security measures including private keys, is a far more robust solution.


Q: Can the FarmaTrust solution be used in emerging countries as well as developed countries? Is there a difference between the two as to how it can be used?

A: FarmaTrust solutions are strategically designed to work globally, both in the developing world and Western countries. As a principle, we believe that systems such as ours should protect all members of society no matter where they live. We use cellular technology in the emerging markets and other technology developed by FarmaTrust to ensure global coverage. This is the reason we have been selected by developing countries such as Mongolia to assist in providing services


Q: Can this solution be easily scaled?

A: Yes, it can be easily scaled, globally and is enterprise ready. We have used technology with various partners to ensure we meet the speed and scalability issues.


Q: Does it work with legacy systems?

A: FarmaTrust solutions are hardware and software neutral – customers do not have to change the current system that they use.


Q: What data insights would I get?

A: FarmaTrust provides a variety of data dashboards to our clients and can also customize information dashboards for the customer requirements. Our services can provide detailed, auditable records of chain of custody, chain of identity and information regarding environmental conditions, as well as automatic notifications if specified parameters are not met. This can be all in real time, should the client require it.


Q: How is AI and machine learning used? How will it benefit me/my company?

A: FarmaTrust will use AI/machine learning services which will allow us to provide predictive supplies and most efficient routes to market. The goal is to allow our clients to have enhanced forecasting, budgeting and planning capabilities. This should lead to a more efficient operation and more effective use of healthcare budgets.


Q: What IoT devices can the FarmaTrust solution connect with?

A: FarmaTrust is sensor neutral. We can work with any third party sensors or standard 2D/3D labels or RFID labels, so we are flexible and customizable depending on the clients requirements.


Q: Are you able to comply with all legal regulations?

A: FarmaTrust solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to comply with their legal regulations for Track and Trace including DSCSA (USA) and FMD (EU). Our system can be configured to meet any national regulations and even automate the regulatory reporting function.


Q: What automated services can you provide?

A: FarmaTrust solutions can provide automated audits, tax compliance, regulatory reporting, and payments. Our system can be customised to use our “smart contracts” to meet various client requirements.


Q: Who can use  FarmaTrust solutions?

A: FarmaTrust specialises in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. We can work at national level or individual companies. We provide  services to governmental bodies, regulators, logistic companies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and hospitals, law enforcement as well as other partners in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

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