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Our blockchain solutions ensure the use of genuine medical devices, real time stock control and data analysis



The Medical Devices sector is fast increasing, particularly with new innovations in this area. Similar to the pharmaceutical sector, there seems to be a significant level of counterfeit devices infiltrating the supply chain. The legal risks and brand damage is just as real and notable.


This has lead to some very high profile recalls of such devices and also created complications for patients who have been unfortunate enough to have such devices fitted.


The FarmaTrust solution is perfect to ensure that genuine medical devices are used and available.

Benefits Of Our Solution

Business & Costs

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  • Holistic global view of your products 

  • Digitised and modernised company processes and procedures

  • Becoming a data driven company, allowing better and faster decisions

  • Reduced costs through automation of processes

  • Eliminating fake devices hence avoiding brand damage

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Tech & Insights

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  • Data aggregation from diverse and even international legacy systems

  • Future proof tech infrastructure with IoT capabilities

  • Usage of machine learning / AI services

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Services & Results

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  • Ensuring data integrity by creating immutable and incorruptible records on blockchain

  • Comprehensive inventory control, and easy rescheduling or restocking functionality

  • Exceptionally fast and precise recall process, if required

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